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A Guide to Cape Town’s Secret Beaches

Only a stone’s throw away from our Green Point accommodation

Looking for the perfect secret beach spots in the Cape? No need for endless internet searches on the topic because we’ve put together a detailed list of secret locations that offer the same white-sanded beaches and tranquil blue waters, without the fuss of knocking elbows with other beach-lovers.

This comprehensive list includes some prime locations not many visitors know about. Most importantly; you won’t have to drive for hours to find it. Your Green Point accommodation is the perfect central point to get to many of these secret places – in less than an hour.

Clifton 2nd

Clifton 2nd is one of four, accredited Blue Flag beaches along the Clifton stretch. However, 4th beach has become the favourite amongst locals, and is considered one of the most visited beaches in the Mother City.

Better still, while most appreciate Clifton in all its glory, 2nd beach attracts a lot less visitors and, therefore, offers you seclusion, with the same tranquil atmosphere, while you soak up the majestic South African sun.

While 4th beach is where the glamour is at, all you’ll find here are a few scattered students looking for a place to lounge in the sun. The four beaches are separated by an outcrop of granite rock, which in itself is a worthy attraction.

For a better view, take a 360 look at Clifton 2nd!

Where is it located?

Clifton is home to one of South Africa’s most affluent suburbs. You’ll find it on the Atlantic Seaboard just minutes away from Cape Town’s Central Business District (CBD).

What makes it so special?

Less visitors make their way to 2nd beach. You can still enjoy the same beauty found at the much-loved 4th beach but without all the fuss.

What activities are on offer?

While Clifton is known for its icy waters regardless of the weather, you can still enjoy water sports including surfing and bodyboarding. You will often find a game of volleyball or a local favourite of touch rugby taking place while you’re there.

Bring along your beach towel and an umbrella and cancel all plans for the day as this location offers the most beautiful sunsets in Cape Town.

Cape town beach

Sandy Bay: for those who love to hang loose!

  • 29 minutes away from Jambo Guest House

It’s known all around Cape Town that only the brave and free thinking sorts visit Sandy Bay beach. As one of the only nude beaches in South Africa, sunbathers are (unofficially) allowed the freedom to hang loose.

While not for the faint-hearted, this beach is on our list – simply because we the love the idea of liberating oneself within nature but also, not many people visit this location at any given time. So that means no crowds. The reason for this is that the beach is one of the only difficult-to-access beaches in Cape Town.

Where is it located?

The only way to access Sandy Bay is via a 20-minute walk from the car park or a clamber over rocks from the southern end of Llandudno. Llandudno, also situated on the Atlantic Seaboard is approximately 15,8km from the bustling city of Cape Town.

What makes it so special?

You can relax in the nude or only topless, if you prefer, and simply ravel in the blissful kisses of the sun on your naked skin. Sandy Bay is hardly ever filled to capacity so you can rest assured that you won’t be caught up in an overcrowded beach. The beach is enclosed by the mountain backdrop and sand dunes so you’ll be safely nestled from the Cape Town wind. Go bold this holiday and give it a go!

What activities are on offer?

There is not much to do on Sandy Bay other than catch a tan and enjoy a dip in the ocean in between. However, due to the icy waters, swimmers are far and few between.

Glen Beach – A surfers’ paradise

  • 12 minutes from Jambo guest House

Glen beach lies immediately north of Camps Bay. The two beaches are separated by a rock outcrop that extends all the way to the shoreline. The beach is famous for its beach-break surfing. Just a small amount of bungalows are situated on the bay but Glen beach is the perfect location for seclusion as you lounge. You’ll feel as if you’re in a five-star seaside resort, without the cost.

Where is it located?

Glen beach lies minutes away from the city centre. You can drive or catch an Uber. Head into the direction of Camps Bay via Victoria Road and simply look north.

You’ll find the picturesque beach, tucked away.

What makes it so special?

The close proximity to the city means that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, there is a little paradise just waiting for you. Another key component to what makes this beach so special is the fact that most beach-lovers stop once they reach the more popular beaches before Glen beach. Hence you’re sure to find a smaller crowd.

What activities are on offer?

You won’t find specific activities at Glen beach but bring along your beach ball for some outdoor fun.

If you want to try something truly different, there are still some secret spots that offer so much more, from horseback riding to kite surfing. Whether it’s just you or a group of friends or family, these beaches are perfect for any occasion. Chill out, walk along the beach, catch a tan or enjoy some fun games under the sun.

Noordhoek beach – For the adventure-seeking sun worshiper

  • 38 minutes from Jambo Guest House

Cape Town is known the world over for having the best beach locations. Beaches on the Cape Peninsula cater to almost all holiday requirements from beautiful weather, blue waters, white sand to dazzling scenery and so much more. Noordhoek beach is one of those gems that Capetonians try their utmost to keep hidden. It is the most unspoilt and best protected beach on the Atlantic Seaboard. The beach is over 8km long, which makes it a perfect destination for long walks or horse-riding.

Take a closer look at Noordhoek:

Where is it located?

Approximately 19km drive from Cape Town. Taking the 30-minute drive from the Mother City will be worth it.

What makes it so special?

The beach is practically untouched, and protected, which means there are less visitors than other popular beaches on the Atlantic Seaboard.

What activities are on offer?

Horse riding is the main attraction. The mountain slopes on the backdrop are covered in lush green fynbos which makes it a beautiful setting for an unforgettable romantic date.

These secret beaches are a few of the best kept secrets in Cape Town. Consider yourself in on the secret and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Other secret beaches in Cape Town, which are close to your Green Point accommodation, are:

• Bakoven Beach

• Table View Beach

• Blaauwberg Beach

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