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The Garden

Jambo guest house garden. Accommodation in Green Point, Cape Town

Stroll down the path and discover beautiful indigenous flora, or find a quiet corner to unwind.

Barry and Mina’s garden at Jambo Guest House is an oasis of peace and tranquillity that has been over 34 years in the making. You will find several places to sit and unwind, read a book or simply enjoy some solitude.

The pond has large Koi fish whose spectacular colours reflect the colours of Africa. The garden is lush and the trees are tall, protecting the Koi from predatory birds. The garden attracts numerous feathery friends; look out for Robins, White Eyes, Olive Thrushes, Doves, Lesser Double Collared sunbirds and Weaver birds.

The Jambo Guest House, located in Green Point, is considered a central location, accommodation that is perfectly nestled between the beautiful beaches of Cape Town and the central business for visitors who want to revel in everything this diverse city has to offer. Established with precision and detail from the ground up, Barry and Mina have invested their hearts and souls into affording guests a genuine and comfortable stay that is both earth conscious and luxurious.

Barry and Mina lovingly do all the gardening. Their garden is organic and no poisons or artificial fertilisers have been used for many years. Be sure to ask them about it. Barry has a wormery which recycles the kitchen waste and produces ‘worm tea’, a superlative plant food. “Gardening and gardens form an important part of our lives” says Barry and Mina. The striking garden holds a wonderful tale of their years together as they plant, maintain and treat each seed with the utmost love and affection.

Barry has fascinating stories to tell of when he was a tree surgeon in England and South Africa. With his brother – an arboriculturist – together they treated many of the oak trees in Stellenbosch, as well as the Adriaan van der Stel oak at Vergelegen Wine Estate. Vergelegen is well worth visiting for their camphor trees that are 300 years old, not forgetting their fine wines of course!

Mina and Barry belong to the Horticultural Society and love to visit open gardens and nurseries. You can find the couple at Constantia Open Gardens, Franschhoek Open Gardens, admiring the wild flowers along the West Coast in August/September, as well as the Darling Wild Flower Show and the Orchid Show.

Soak up and relax in their solar-heated Jacuzzi hidden in a quiet corner, protected by tall trees and shrubs along a path dotted with scented flowers, ceramic fairies and sparkling lights.

Jambo’s garden is crammed with an assortment of plants, as Mina always thinks that there’s space for one more. For them a shaded garden is important as many of the plants are indigenous and thrive in shade. The trees were left to grow naturally big and tall which provide shade, shelter from street noise, and a home to birds – most importantly the shade provides peace and serenity for guests relaxing in the garden.

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