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Cape Town’s secret spots

Cape Town has many recognisable landmarks and well known gems, however there are a few that offer all the same Cape Town-esque atmosphere but are lesser known. From chocolate to flowers and eccentric furniture to Turkish baths – a walk around Cape Town will lead you to plenty of gems in their own right.

Everyone loves chocolate and few places sell as wide a variety in the City Bowl as Torino Chocolate in Kloof Nek Road. As you’re driving up the steep Kloof Nek Road you’ll be faced with a beautiful sunshiny yellow building with a bicycle outside. Inside you’ll find over 100 chocolates and creams of all shapes, sizes and tastes.

If chocolates aren’t to your taste then indulge in an addiction of a different kind: furniture. Eddie Zoom in Park Road is a collection of avant-garde furniture heavily influenced by 50’s and 60’s design. Eddie Zoom has taken special care to collect items that both intrigue and have a purpose. The shop is filled with unusual and beautiful lighting displays too. You’re sure to find a trinket or chair or two to take back home with you.

If its vibrant and colourful you’re after then head to the Adderley Street flower market to find some of the flowers that South Africa is known for; bunches of Proteas, Flame Lillies and Strelitzia’s amongst others fill the walk ways and the flower seller ladies all vie for your attention with specials and best sellers.

Head up to the top of Long Street and spend a few hours at the Long Street Baths. They’ve been a sanctuary just off the hustle and bustle of Long Street since 1908 and visitors can relax in the traditional Turkish Baths or indulge in one of the many afternoon massages. Once you’re inside these walls you’ll feel as though you are in a quiet escape.

Take a left off Long Street and head to The Eastern Food Bazaar – a place that has become an institution for those Capetonians who know of it. The food is cheap and delicious and although the queues are long, it’s worth the wait.

You can find hidden gems around most corners in Cape Town, and each will have something more exciting to offer than the last. Just remember to keep them a secret.

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