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Discover South African History & Culture

A stone’s throw away from your Greenpoint Accommodation

If you’re visiting Cape Town and have booked yourself Green Point Accommodation, you’ve made the right move. Within short distance from some of our most famous beaches, trails and historical architecture, there’s a world of gems to explore. It’s the perfect placement for anyone interested in understanding our rich heritage and culture, with the option to relax and take in the scenery in-between. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art

Zeitz MOCAA is one of the most famous contemporary art museums in Africa, which “collects, preserves, researches, and exhibits twenty-first century art from Africa and its diaspora”. It’s a quick 8-minute drive from Jambo Guest House to the museum, which is open from Wednesday to Monday and boasts some of the most powerful painting and sculpture exhibitions in the country. You can also enjoy a light meal and a number of special events such as fashion films, conversations with artists, group forums, photographic exhibitions and book launches. For more information on special deals and entry rates view their entry page.

Castle of Good Hope Museum

Discover hidden histories only 13 minutes away from your accommodation, at the Castle of Good Hope Museum. Housed in the Dutch-built Castle of Good Hope and built over the course of 1666 to 1679 – this “star fort” is a historical masterpiece in itself and one of the oldest living remnants of an important bygone era in our country’s history.

Indeed, it is a history fraught with dark tales and fascinating power plays, that connects us with much of the colonised world. However, the Castle of Good Hope Museum will give you a glimpse into this past – within a distinctly South African context.

Find out more about the cannon firing, the key ceremony (reenactment) and the Krotoa Memorial, alongside the museums. Also, prepare yourself for some historical theatre.

The District Six Museum

District Six is a deeply symbolic area for many South Africans who experienced Apartheid. The return of residents to the area marked a turnaround from the forced removals of a legally segregated country and now stands as a proud heritage site and a reminder of  reconciliation.

The museum helps tell the stories of many families who were forced from their homes and showcases a variety of collections. It is also home to a three-tiered education programme, specifically for teachers, youth, and the general public and visitors. You can choose between a self-guided or professionally guided museum tour for either R45 or R55 per person, with discounted rates for scholars, ex-residents and pensioners. Find out more about the District Six Museum.

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All of these cultural havens and protected sites are near to your Green Point Accommodation. Haven’t booked your stay yet? We will offer you incredible hospitality coupled with recommendations of things to do, based on your interest.

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