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Madame Zingara’s Miracle Tour in the Mothercity

Madame Zingara has settled once more on the shores of Cape Town. Situated at the V&A Waterfront for the Miracle Tour for a limited season, the spectacular show promises to serve the crème de la crème of South African performance art and gourmet delicacies. If you are staying in one of the many Green Point accommodation options available then be sure to book your ticket for this feast of entertainment for both your eyes and mouth.

Referred to as the Theatre of Dreams, Madame Zingara started in 2007 and the burlesque performance of a lifetime happens in one of the last mirror tents left in the world today. Described as “a unique synthesis of decadent dining, cirque and theatre”, Madame Zingara has performed for many different audiences around the world; however the company’s true home is in the Mother City.

Conceptualised and created by Richard Griffin, Craig Leo and Valentina Love, the performance showcases some of the best talents from all around the world. Hostess Cathy Specific is the ‘host in heels’ for the night while the ‘Hot Mr C’ uses his comedic flare to string the evening together through numerous anecdotes and jokes. From the tops of the tent, guests will enjoy the chandelier swinging display of Sam and Justine, the wet velvet aerial act of Sam, while on the ground Ziggy contorts herself into a number of shapes, a troupe of Russians shows off their muscles and strength abilities and Miles and George prove just how fun juggling with humans really is.

One sense that is definitely not neglected during the show is the sense of sound. Prepare for the lyrical prowess of dramatic solo artist, Carmen Maarmen; the energetic quartet from Cape Town, The Specifics and the fairy-tale storytelling of voluptuous Stella Magaba.

Some reviews ( about the Cape Town tour so far:

“This is so much more than a restaurant. It is so much more than a cabaret. It’s so much more than a human circus. This is a sensory experience that starts the moment you enter the site.”

“This is a MUST. Whenever you have the opportunity to go see a MZ show – go! I have been to more than one of the tours and it never disappoints. This is really something different and makes for a magical evening out. The food, the service, the atmosphere and of course, the show – it is all excellent! ”

Madame Zingara describes the performance and experience as follows, “Welcome to the mystical world of Madame Zingara, a world where dreams become reality and everything is possible. A place where people are the magic and flights of fantasy happen in real time. Where memories are created and friends found linger on like the stars that light up the night sky.” A perfect way to spend an evening before heading back to your Green Point accommodation before the next day’s adventures in magical Cape Town.

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